Top 10 Temples in Delhi – Pilgrims Must Visit Here 2020

Chhatarpur Temple –

Shri Aadya Katyayani Shakti Peetham (Chhatarpur Temple) temple is situated in south Delhi. It is very large which is spread over 70 acres of land. This temple is located in South Delhi (Northern India). Chhatarpur Temple is completely devoted to Katyayani Goddess. As we all know, the Navaratri festival is celebrated in India with great enthusiasm in which we worship Nine forms of Durga goddess all over the country. Katyayani goddess is the sixth form in Navadurga. Katyani Goddess is the main Goddess in Chhatarpur temple, Worship of Katyayani Goddess is celebrated with great enthusiasm. The architecture of the Chhatarpur Temple is very spectacular, and it looks like it is a mixture of South and North Indian architectural styles. People come from far away to see the 100 feet statue of Lord Hanuman. It is one of the most beautiful fascinations of the Chhatarpur temple. There is a large crowd of devotees here on Navadurga Festival.

ISKCON Temple situated in south Delhi(East of Kailash). This temple was inaugurated by Atal Bihari Bajpai on 5 April 1998. This temple has many branches in different cities; one of the same branches is also in East of Kailash Delhi. Achyut Kanvinde, who was the famous architect of India, designed this temple. This temple is completely dedicated to Lord Shri Krishna. There is a spacious hall in complex of ISKCON Temple, which depicts the pictures of Mahabharata. Whenever a devotee comes to visit this temple, he is enchanted by the chants & worships played there. Hearing the chanting of mantras gives a feeling of peace. Bhagabat Geeta is available in every language for the devotees inside the ISKCON Temple.

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